Asphalt Shingle Rippling: What Does It Mean?

A close up of the roof of a house

Asphalt shingle ripping is an issue that must be addressed immediately by a residential roof repair expert. Failure to deal with this issue quickly can result in costly water damage. Moreover, knowing its early signs can help with its early detection. 

Read on to learn the common causes and signs of asphalt shingle rippling. 

What Is Asphalt Shingle Rippling?

Extreme heat and cold temperatures, improper installation and aging usually cause asphalt shingles to ripple. This issue occurs when the shingles become distorted and raised. It may appear as small raised bumps on the roof. When left unaddressed, the affected shingles can cause several roofing issues. 

What Are Its Common Signs?

The most common signs of asphalt shingle rippling include visible ridges on the roof surface. You’ll notice gaps between shingles, bucking or warping of shingles and an uneven roof appearance. You must contact a trusted roofing contractor if you notice these signs before more extensive damage occurs. 

What Are Its Consequences?

Shingle Damage

Distorted shingles are more susceptible to cracking, splitting and falling off the roof. Water can seep through the affected shingles and enter your home.

Risk of Leaks

The raised ridges created by rippled asphalt shingles can create air pockets on the roof. Leaks will occur once the pockets become filled with water.

Compromised Roof Structure

Asphalt shingle rippling can also damage the roof structure. The bumps on the shingles can strain the underlying material, leading to cracks, leaks and compromised structural components. Don’t wait long before contacting a reliable professional if you see signs of asphalt shingle rippling. Turn to NC Rebuild, Inc. for quality roof repair and replacement services. We also specialize in residential gutter installation. Call us at (919) 625-5453 or fill out our online form to get a free estimate. We work with clients in Raleigh, NC, and nearby areas.